The spell of the Hundblung lagoon


The former Aberdeen Bestiary (Aberdeen University Library of strange decoys), relates the adventures of a duck is believed to originate the legend of the Hundblung lagoon (see Myths and Legends of Ancient Australia). The manuscript, written and illustrated in England around 1200, is of particular interest since it contains notes, sketches and other evidence of the existence of the animal that gave a hard time to the hunters for over seven seasons. It is believed that the beast in question had inadvertently ingested a dog whistle, which eventually came to manage perfectly, which allowed him to boss round the dogs wildly in all directions away from the pastures where the flock remained hidden. As the whistle was inaudible for hunters, they started talking about a strange spell of the Hundblung lagoon, and gradually left the place. There is no evidence supporting the theory, which is preferred to take by certain to avoid believing that they were expelled by a duck with a dog whistle.