Legal Affairs

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   A man deliberately threw himself in front of a New York subway train.  He then files a lawsuit and wins $ 650,000 because the train did not stop in time to avoid hurting him (Peter Carlson, "Legal Damages", The Washington Post Magazine, 15-3 - 1992).
   The heirs of a man from Massachusetts, who stole a car from a parking lot, and immediately after killed himself in an accident, sued the owner of the establishment for failing to prevent the theft of the car.
   In a similar way, a Philadelphia fortune teller claims to have lost her powers after an electroencephalogram (EEG) was performed on her. According to what she said, the dye used in the procedure interfered with her ability to communicate with John Milton, the English poet of the seventeenth century.  A jury awarded nearly "a million dollars in damages".  The judge suspended the award, but the case continued, obstructing the system for five years, before it was discarded on the appeal.  “Fear of Living”, by Tana Wells. AGORA / Foundation Valparaiso Studies Center, 1996.