Is it possible that oral tradition may allow a very small child of today to learn the art of the game of chess? Yes, indeed it is. Told in the way of a story and with historical anecdotes, this book will teach a child how to move the chess pieces, their functions and importance, and why this game is the most powerful software created by man. Profusely illustrated and accompanied by videos.

Globalization: the indirect colonization

Globalization is an ECONOMIC planetary process that breaks down the protective rational nationalists barriers to reunify everything a global character, and makes it easier to the first world countries to obtain easier and faster gains. “One can be in favor of globalization and against its present course, in the same manner that you can be in favor of electricity and against the electric chair” Fernando Savater.

Dreams of Glory

“Don’t say I can not even as a joke, because the unconscious has no sense of humor, and takes it seriously. It will remind you every time you try”. Facundo Cabral.


Latin American literature

“When somebody will talk about Latin American literature in a hundred years, without doubt will be pronounced names people have never heard." Jorge Luis Borges.

The American way of life

Welcome to Africa, men of goodwill

It seems that suddenly it has been found business opportunities in Africa that would allow a second immigration wave of commercial colonization. Life in Exchange of current color glasses (phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and other wonders of our great System.

Friends are accomplices

Argentine businessmen have lived always protected by the government. As a result, most of them never bother to upgrade technologically and sold to his fellow citizens all the trash that they produce at the highest posible price. The Peronist governments (which call themselves nationalists) from time to time technologically regress the country to benefit their friends / partners.

The peronist amoeba

Why the Peronists perpetuate themselves in power? Very clear: there are so many Peronist factions as necessary. There is a Peronism of the right, one of the left, a Peronism of the center, a Peronism of the first hour, and so on. It characterizes by the demagogic discourse and compromise to loot the nation.

Madiba’s goodbye

By that honorary title bestowed by the elders of the clan, was known Nelson Mandela, the undisputed leader who fought in the African National Congress against apartheid, especially in the civil disobedience campaign of 1952 and the People’s Congress of 1955. He was imprisoned for 17 years with the number 466. Freed, having achieved its goal of liberating Africa, was awarded with the Nobel Prize, certainly deserved, and not as the ambiguous American leader. A founding father of the World.


Nobody knows who starts the work of the executioner, nor who finishes it, when and who to will pay for it?

Any law is an infraction of liberty. Jeremy Bentham

Roses (governor Rosas) to disarm


The decomposition of every government begins with the decay of the principles on which it was founded. Montesquieu.

Refoundatión of Argentina as The Juárez Republic

Game of the seven errors gourmet

Game of the seven errors gourmet comparing Menem’s “pizza champagne” with “lets go for all” the kirchnerist cheese.

We celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of democracy in Argentina

Trojan eagle - Aguila de Troya

The Hidden Violence


In the 60s the economist William Baumol wrote an article on the "cost disease", which mainly affects the arts, education and health. To explain his work, years later Baumol used the example of how the performance of a Mozart string quartet in the 90’s required the same amount of musicians that in 1790. That is, the productivity of labor had not increased over the span of 200 years. Spending more does not always improve education.

What’s that noise?

Justice, that is being kick off by you, Your Majesty.

States of Matter

(Bashar Al-Asad)
There is a question over which there seems to be a disagreement: when is the precise moment that Middle East expiatory gas transforms in oil that will supply the United States, France and The United Kingdom?

Attrackting Inverstors

As is the case in politics, the image shows a dam about to eat the bait and his fisherman.

Reconstruction of a personality

According to Holbenwecker, the reconstruction of personality is an update that takes place between 6 and 54 times a day, although few of them leave traces on the face. There is little that an individual can do with the given, but there are some that perseveres for long periods of time, say, to look like Gary Cooper in "High Noon". The image shows one of the last attempts of Nick Pourcell, who had achieved some results with the rictus of his mouth, but the remaining task exceeded him.

They will not pass!

Cartoon in search of his model

Zorcésimo postulated, in 634, that did not exist nor will exist in nature two identical faces. The theory was accepted as a speculation, due to the untestable of its nature. Based on it, is that this cartoon is published, in the  hope that his depicted client will recognize himself and send me along his photo hereby. To collaborate with fate I can venture that it is or was a former boxer.

The tragic falla of Icara, the godess of the stone face

In the apocryphal Greek mythology, Icara, unrecognized daughter of Medoreno, builder of the economic maze of Crete, was imprisoned with his stepfather on the island of Martin Cretin, reserved for the most dangerous criminals. Knowing that at the first opportunity Medoreno will try to escape from captivity, Icara built wings made with the remained insurance funds and the money lended to Chrysler. She found little to nothing, so it was impossible to levitate like a previous president. The old chair is becaming a litter large to Icara cement face, so that some fear that a spring can cross through his tender heart.

Spring call

Animal Records obtained this document from a Maina Goldfinch singing Sonny James’ “Indian Love Call”, a beautiful song from the movie Rose Marie, filmed in 1936 by Metro Goldwyn Mayer. These birds have been changing their natural calls for beautiful songs of tested effects.

The scythe is coming, ho-ho, ho-ho

The figure shows the desperation of Mary Kristinieta, banal, vulgar and stupid courtesan that after assuming mandated by the Constitution, intended to subject it to the same tailoring he used to disguise his many flaws. Remember that history is cyclical and that Marie Antoinette was convicted of treason and guillotined on October 16, 1793.

Political Bike

Certain VIP gyms, frequented by politicians, have been provided by dual reverse command bicycles that caused the enthusiasm of the audience, since the objetive is not to compete against a simple machine, but to prevent the advance of the adversary and, in the best case, break him. This key ingredient adds additional fascination to all individuals who have developed a unique capability: to neutralized.

Multiple Gavel

Gavel comes from Old Italian, Gabella, and was enthusiastically adopted by France, alluded by the French Word gabelle, salt tax levied in that country, until it was abolished in 1790 by moving the robbery to something more profitable. The multiple gavel is a mythological representation showing the legal abuse of the governments to create taxes mounted over taxes as a diversion or smokescreen to finance the extraordinary growing corruption entrenched in the combination of all the powers (drugs, weapons , royal families, politicians, corporations, celebrities, fashion, privileged pensions, gangs, unions and others).

Scientific tenacity

Johannes Stadius published in 1554 — curiously exactly 458 years ago— his monumental Ephemerides novae at auctae, of precise planetary positions. However, some periodic errors caused the fission of Mercury’s orbit, forced Stadius to capture the planet in a later volume, entitled:Novum cum ephemeris Mercurium, now lost.

Stone Joker

Segregated image

The Publisher Viles Barceau, based in Auvers sur Oise, about three kilometers from Paris, chose me to illustrate the book “Famous Transvestites that never gone out of the closet”. A week later I showed up with a sketch that illustrates this text, which was outright rejected by its resemblance to Cervantes. “To our knowledge,” argued, “Cervantes was not a transvestite, or listed in any of the six volumes of seven hundred-odd pages each on the matter”. I think it was the rebellious tone which revolted me. I argued that precisely because of this, the image was extremely selling. They objected also the detail of the pen/penis (?) aiming at a target lock closet that matched the position of the female organ. “Are you suggesting that “The one-armed of Lepanto” was a castrati?”, asked one of the owners leaning menacingly over me. The closeness of his face left me no choice but to shoot a punch that laid him on the couch in his desk, as I dodged an object thrown by his brother and partner, that could not identify by the speed of his trajectory (I tend to think could have been an ashtray). I left there enraged, humiliated, misunderstood.

Undesirable connectivity

"More schools closing and teachers laptops and other digital distractions" headlined the Washington Post a few weeks ago, referring to prestigious American universities who decided to interrupt the connectivity in their classrooms. Cited Teachers spoke of the dispersion that occurred in students being connected to the Internet during class. Several days later, the National Bureau of Economics of the United States published an interesting paper on the evidence of the use of computers in academic performance of students. After two years follow hundreds of boys from different backgrounds and conditions, the researchers say they have not observed that the use of such technology improve the academic performance of students. same raised an IDB study on Netbooks distribution experience to students in Peru.'s. We should not forget that Greeks taught (and what kind of taught!) walking among the gardens, without computers, without books, appealing only to the hard disk memory of their students.


The Mercosur (Latin American Alliance of the Southern Cone) seems to be stuck on the core issues of integration. Bilateral conflicts abound. In a world that seems to be based reconfiguring mega-regional blocs, openness and dialogue between the parties is essential.

More education

Attrition is occurring between the primary and secondary school.


In 1923, Frederick de Zuloaga started a campaign to find out how many heroic metal pendants could resist a face without deforming. The world of fashion spent long hours in front of the mirror, and told of such dramatic results, which moved to suspicion. It was essential to get a grip on a device that measured with absolute precision the outstanding amount and the immutability of the faces. Two years later, Zuloaga launched an invention that recorded facial movements every seven seconds. As a result, they discovered a number of dermovectors that made the flaps considerable increase in the face. As often happens with time, the author and his invention were unjustly forgotten. The drawing device attempts a reconstruction based on the unpublished work "Koch lines".

The chain

The chain has the strength of its weakest link. English proverb

The last victim of Jack the Ripper

Image obtained by mathematical calculation of the fall of the last canonical victim of Jack the Ripper to the Thames. See how the famous murderer’s obsession has sublimated the victim and become impregnated in the paper. The corpse was identified on paper by George Lusk of the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee, on the basis that does not exhibit the preserved kidney he received by mail days later.

Stenographic drawing

Stroboscopic capture in ink, pianola music and dance by shooting, of Uncle Sam achieved in Veracruz, in 1847, at the legendary Scared Angel Saloon. The bar was razed after the siege of the city four days after by shrapnel fire commanded by Winfield Scott.

Sketch of an unknown soldier

Get information from stones is well known as well as from other inanimate objects that absorb human feelings when they reach extreme intensity. This science, petrology, petros (Πέτρος), Greek, and (λογία), lodge, treaty, study and science of rubble, has bared war scenes steeped in its stones with incredible precision. Scraping and working with the soil of these rocks, I rebuilt the face of Mitch Baybridge, American soldier killed in Korea on September 15, 1959, when UN forces broke the Pusan ​​Perimeter. Note how death, who has been following him through the field, cunningly digs his fangs in his neck.

After tough negotiations, I managed to sell the original to the Baybridge family —who  wrapped the image in a flag that the government had provided them for the death of their son. The sum was really important and taxes were avoided.

Election race

Electoral race: time period that begins elections, when applicants change repertoires, make compromises, arrangements spurious, covert alliances, and the citizen sees his vote clean different butts.


When the American Polish writer Isaac Bashevis Singer was asked if he not feared the disappearance of the State of Israel, he replaid that the disappearance of the State was possible, though not of the people of Israel. He proved his claim by the antiquity of the Hebrew people and their long journey through the planet’s surface. A lesson about the true identity of a nation joined by the spirit.

The idea of the spirit that exceeds its container represents hope for today’s  vast and silent migrant nation consists of twenty-three million refugees from Afghanistan, Bosnia Herzegovina, Colombia, Kosovo, Kurdistan, Rwanda and western Timor, encolumnados behind other former nomadic peoples: Armenians and Gypsies.

In today’s economic world, these migrations are no longer necessary. Now it is capital that migrates as a kind of Attila economy, who exhaust wealth to then run and nurtured elsewhere. They will give way to other citizens: those who can buy, those who do not, will be the new illegal residents of their own lands.


Reconstruction of Managarm or marine wolf of the moon (Scandinavian mythology) Sköll sister, her brother or spouse. The predictions of the fall of the moon dust on the Baltic Sea to feed Managarm did not happend, and the people ended up turning the images contained in books into electronic robots to use in their gardens. There are four models to choose: natural (exposed), gnome green, blue chrysalis and white (the latter to be colored).

The spell of the Hundblung lagoon

The former Aberdeen Bestiary (Aberdeen University Library of strange decoys), relates the adventures of a duck is believed to originate the legend of the Hundblung lagoon (see Myths and Legends of Ancient Australia). The manuscript, written and illustrated in England around 1200, is of particular interest since it contains notes, sketches and other evidence of the existence of the animal that gave a hard time to the hunters for over seven seasons. It is believed that the beast in question had inadvertently ingested a dog whistle, which eventually came to manage perfectly, which allowed him to boss round the dogs wildly in all directions away from the pastures where the flock remained hidden. As the whistle was inaudible for hunters, they started talking about a strange spell of the Hundblung lagoon, and gradually left the place. There is no evidence supporting the theory, which is preferred to take by certain to avoid believing that they were expelled by a duck with a dog whistle.

Draft eccentric bench seat

Due to the discomfort of the seats of the planes —and to take advantage of the contact I had with a member of the air navigation company, to which I wanted to present the invention— I devote myself to the project of a bench seat of one hundred eccentric positions (including the crash position). It could be used for four passengers at a time. The inability of one of these testers (or why not? his boycott), severely jammed the mechanism, making it impossible to rescue. The pilot seat is in the Maastricht Museum of Curiosities along with the mummified bodies of three of the four crew members who participated in the experiment.

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